Equustek Solutions Inc. has terminated its relationship with Datalink, which is no longer a distributor of Equustek’s communication products.

These products include the industry known devices such as the DL2000, DL3500, DL4000, DL6000 and the DL7000 among others.

Datalink Technologies Gateways Inc,  Datalink Network Corp, Datalink Group Technologies Inc., Datalink Systems Inc., Datanet Communications Inc., and other similar names have no rights to distribute Equustek products.

These Datalink companies have been misleading the public by offering the Equustek products for sale and then shipping their own product, the inferior GW1000/DL-GW1000, instead. We ask everyone who ordered one of the Equustek products from Datalink and received the GW1000/DL-GW1000 instead, to please contact us.

In addition, since Equustek terminated its relationship with Datalink, the Datalink companies have been further misleading the public by implying that the Equustek products have been discontinued and that the Datalink GW1000/DL-GW1000 is an upgrade or successor to the Equustek products.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Equustek continues to develop, manufacture, and sell its industry leading technology, while Datalink’s GW1000/DL-GW1000 modules are inferior substitutes for our field proven technology. Datalink’s GW1000/DL-GW1000 products do not meet specifications and may provide serious risk to the integrity of plant control systems. We wish everyone to be aware that Equustek has no connection with these devices, nor will we support them.

Customer support for all of the Equustek DL products in use will continue and will be stronger than before—Datalink’s technical support was always provided by Equustek and Datalink was often slow in returning devices to Equustek for repair or requesting help with implementation.